Order of Military Medical Merit awarded to Infectious Disease Research Center leader

Written by Lauren Cosper

Ray Goodrich, executive director of the Infectious Disease Research Center at Colorado State University, has been awarded the Order of Military Medical Merit, recognizing him for his contributions to the U.S. Army Medical Department. He was nominated for his service to the Department of Defense, where he served as a principal investigator for defense-sponsored medical research. He was also recognized for his support of Fisher House Foundation, a nonprofit that builds homes military families can stay in while a family member is in the hospital.

“We are inspired by Ray’s dedication and commitment to translating a technology from the bench to save lives for both military personnel and civilians,” said Alan Rudolph, vice president for research. “It is a rare talent, and we are proud to have him at Colorado State.”

Ray Goodrich
Ray Goodrich

An honorary membership

The Order of Military Medical Merit is a private organization that has been recognizing excellence among Army Medical Department personnel since 1982. The award promotes fellowship and esprit de corps among the Army Medical Department. Medical personnel who have worked with or for every branch are eligible for honorary induction.

Honorary membership is awarded to individuals who show utmost character and integrity, display incredible competence and have served in the Army Medical Department, bettering Army Medicine. Honorary members include 18Ds, Special Forces Airmen, and other individuals who have met the previously listed criteria. Honorary members must be nominated by others who are already members of the Order and must be approved by the Surgeon General.  When awarded, members receive a certificate and silver medallion for their service.

Goodrich was nominated by Order member and U.S. Army Col. Richard Gonzales.

“This is an honor that recognizes the many significant contributions Ray has made to the U.S. Army Medical Department,” Gonzalez said.

About Ray Goodrich

Goodrich has been in Colorado for 22 years and part of the CSU community since 2016, when he was appointed executive director of the Infectious Disease Research Center. After receiving his Ph.D. in biophysical chemistry from the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California, he worked on multiple infectious disease research programs.

Goodrich receives award
Ray Goodrich and his family with Richard Gonzales (right).

He was a founder of CryoPharm Corp., a startup from Caltech which focused on methods of blood preservation and sterilization of biological fluids. Technology from this company was acquired by the COBE Blood Component Technologies (BCT) company, based in Lakewood, Colorado.

In 1996, Goodrich came to work for the BCT organization in Colorado.  He co-founded Navigant Biotechnologies within the BCT organization in 1999. Navigant was focused on development of methods to prevent transfusion transmitted diseases. Goodrich was an inventor of the technology (Mirasol PRT) that is currently used globally to prevent transfusion transmitted infections. Navigant Biotechnologies worked closely with the U.S. Army Medical Command to develop methods for treating blood products in field-based operations to support both military and civilian blood transfusion needs.

Goodrich has been awarded over 50 patents and published over 200 peer-reviewed scientific research articles. He is recognized internationally for his expertise in transfusion medicine and infectious diseases.