Triage nurses honored by Employee Appreciation Board

On Jan. 27, the Employee Appreciation Board recognized CSU’s triage nurses for their hard work, determination and long hours caring for students — all while being down one nurse and provider. The CSU Health Network Triage Clinic is a small unit of registered nurses who are trained in quick evaluation to provide same-day access for urgent medical conditions. The small group of five to six nurses see 60 to 70 unscheduled students/patients a day. In an effort to accommodate students as quickly as possible, they’ve shortened their lunch breaks and have committed to coming in early and staying late to help their patients.

Triage nurse team
Members of the triage nurse team

Even though they have been short-staffed, they have recently developed a nurse outreach committee that will educate students during the semester by visiting residence halls, attending safety fairs and handing out flyers during the academic year; and they’re ready to jump start that initiative once the other provider and nurse are back at the clinic.

“The triage nurses are always thinking of ways to influence student’s health behaviors which prompted the development of an employee wellness committee so we may exemplify healthy lifestyles,” said Lori Stevens, the nominator and one of the nurses in triage.

After the group received CSU swag, cookies, brownies, fruit and beverages, one of the nurses said that even though they are a small unit, they work together as a team to educate the students about an urgent medical condition or situation so they can continue to provide the best care to the students.

Recognition for hard work

The CSU Employee Appreciation Board, originally formed in 1968, recognizes employees for their hard work and promotes community spirit among CSU faculty and staff through events such as breakfasts and luncheons. Each month, the Board hosts a prize drawing for all faculty and staff who submit an entry form, including a coveted reserved parking space for a full month.

The board meets monthly during the academic year to discuss and plan employee recognition events, as well as to help promote university events. One of the main objectives of the board is the monthly recognition of a group, entity or college.

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