New 900-space parking lot open

At a glance:

  • What: About 900 parking spaces
  • When: Open Thursday, Aug. 20
  • Where: Directly west of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, adjacent to the CSU tennis courts
  • Why: To offset parking space losses on campus
  • Access: This parking lot will be served by Around the Horn, the on-campus shuttle system, every ten minutes

Parking and Transportation Services has built a new parking lot south of campus on Research Drive, west of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. The lot opened Aug. 20.

The lot serves employees with A permits and students with Z permits. Around the Horn, the university’s on-campus shuttle system, serves the lot and connects commuters through its campus route, starting at Lake Street Garage, then north through campus to the Lory Student Center and ending at Moby.

The lot adds about 900 spaces, offsetting parking space losses on campus due to construction. Vehicles with any valid CSU parking permit, other than S, T and I permits (university apartment permits), can park in the lot. Hourly metered parking also isĀ available for those who do not have a valid permit.

More information, including the program plan for this project.