New mindfulness training available online

Colorado State University is now offering an online program in mindfulness. Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing awareness on the present moment by acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.

The practice of mindfulness has roots in Buddhist meditation and has entered the American mainstream due to documented studies of the physical and mental health benefits it brings.

The Living Mindfully digital badge program is being offered thanks to a partnership between CSU Online and CSU Extension, both departments within the Office of Engagement.

Whether individuals are new to mindfulness or want to deepen their understanding of the practice, the program offers tools, support and guidance to help learners incorporate mindfulness into their everyday lives.

new mindfulness training available online for CSU students and staff
Head shot os Sue Schneider
Sue Schneider

“People who work with the concepts and practices presented in this class will inherently bring these ideas into the worlds they intersect with,” says the program’s instructor, Sue Schneider.

Schneider, a medical anthropologist, certified integrative health coach and CSU Extension agent, created the Living Mindfully program to make the fundamentals of mindfulness accessible to a wider audience.

“We need a direct experience of mindfulness to fully understand and benefit from it,” said Schneider. “The class is organized so you learn a new practice or two during every module. The intention is that you spend a week with the practice, at least. So this is a long-term commitment if you choose to take the whole course. Otherwise, you can develop your skills in small bites – one class at a time.”

Courses in the online digital badge program are self-paced and not for credit, meaning learners don’t need to be admitted to CSU to enroll. Anyone with a willingness to commit to 10 minutes of daily practice may take all courses or take only the courses they’re most interested in and earn different credentials along the way.

Earned badges can be shared across professional and personal networks and displayed on resumes, online portfolios, websites and social media accounts.

Participants of all levels will walk away from the program with an understanding of the fundamental principles of mindfulness, which can help them foster greater awareness, more easily manage stressors, and build more authentic relationships.

Learn more about the program and how digital badging works.