New “best practices” course available for online instructors

Those who teach online and in flipped classrooms at Colorado State University have a new resource to help develop strategies for increasing efficiency and learning in their classes. The online course, “Best Practices and Strategies for Online Teaching and Facilitation,” was developed through a partnership between CSU Online and Integrated Performance Solutions, and is available to all Colorado State University instructors.

Up-to-date industry insight

“We wanted to give CSU instructors access to the latest best practices and strategies surrounding online education,” said Scott Woods, Director of Programs at CSU Online. “This helps improve the learning experience for students, and empowers instructors to use new tools and concepts in their courses.”

How it works

The course features six self-paced modules that each take approximately 20 minutes to complete. “The modules are available on-demand, so they can be completed on a flexible schedule,” Woods said. “That’s the beauty of online learning, whether it be for the students we serve, or the instructors who teach. It provides the opportunity to fit education and professional development into their already busy lives,” he said.

Modules include:

  • Introduction to Online Learning
  • Planning and Preparing Your Online Course
  • Facilitating Engagement: Instructor to Student
  • Facilitating Engagement: Student to Student
  • Description and Learning Objectives
  • Assessing Student Learning and Providing Feedback

To enroll in and access the course, visit:

For more information about using Canvas technology, visit CSU’s Canvas homepage.