Need a bear hug? Unique 5K race promotes suicide awareness

Student organizations and other groups from across campus and around the community are invited to participate in a unique event that aims to promote suicide prevention, awareness and education.

The first Operation Bear Hug Student Organization Challenge is set for 9 a.m. Sunday, April 23, on CSU’s historic Oval. The event is free but donations are encouraged.

Unique team event

The first-of-its-kind 5K will put co-ed teams of five through a series of challenges as they navigate the 5K run/walk around the campus. Events include a litter carry, trivia questions, a tire toss, water jug carry and others – all designed to raise awareness about suicide.

“Operation Bear Hug not only gets student veterans involved in the SVO, but also tackles a very serious issue not only in the veteran community, but in the community as a whole,” said Oren Pierce, president of CSU’s Student Veteran Organization. “Suicide is something that affects everyone. What this project does for the veterans at CSU is it gives anyone who is willing a chance to make a difference on campus and in the community. For many, it establishes their next mission and a sense of camaraderie with the other members who are participating. Veterans can use their experience and knowledge to positively affect the lives of non-veteran students on campus.”

The event is hosted by CSU’s Student Veteran Organization and sponsored by various on- and off-campus organizations.

Register now

Teams must register by Friday, April 15; pick up registration forms at the ALVS office or the SLiCE office in the Lory Student Center. The field is limited to 50 teams.