Mujtaba ‘Moe’ Alhuwaidi, College of Business

Mujataba and Jasmine Alhuwaidi portrait
Jasmine and Mujtaba Alhuwaidi

Full-time student, employee, entrepreneur, advocate, dad, and husband all describe Mujtaba “Moe” Alhuwaidi. While juggling all these roles, Alhuwaidi will celebrate his graduation from Colorado State University this week, earning his bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in finance.

Alhuwaidi has many aspirations after graduation, but one selfless goal will have a significant, positive impact. Alhuwaidi and his wife, Jasmine, who is studying applied computing technology at CSU, are dedicated to promoting computer science as a career for women in their homeland of Saudi Arabia. They have already begun their initiative by creating videos about opportunities girls and women have in the field.

“I think when you see a problem, you should do something about it,” Alhuwaidi said. “With the power of social media, I think it’s easier for change to occur. We can be the change we want to see in the world.”

Lauren Wolff, his academic advisor in the College of Business, said Alhuwaidi is one of the most positive individuals she’s ever met.

“Moe is an active proponent of gender equality and hopes that these videos will encourage more women in his home country to pursue STEM majors and gain economic independence,” she added. “I am excited to see all of the work he will do after graduating.”

Alhuwaidi arrived in Colorado when he was 16, while his father was finishing his Ph.D., and he knew he wanted to continue his own education here.

When he was 19, Moe and Jasmine married. When they visited CSU, they knew they had found the right place to plant some roots and advance their studies.

Part of Global Business Network

For the past two years, Alhuwaidi has been a board member of the college’s Global Business Network, which provides an opportunity for students to develop international business skills and etiquette as well as a platform for international and U.S. students to forge stronger connections.

“The two years that I was a part of the Global Business Network were the best years for me at CSU,” said Alhuwaidi. “I really felt connected and that I was giving something back to the university.”

Alhuwaidi says he truly enjoyed every class he took. And his professors enjoyed having him in those classes.

“Moe is an inspiring combination of focus, humility and leadership,” said Ellen Burns, an instructor in the Department of Finance and Real Estate. “He has clarity on his goals and the balance of his life relative to those goals. As a professor, it is motivating to work with students with such maturity.”

While at CSU, Moe and Jasmine became parents of their now 2-year-old son.

The future holds numerous opportunities for Alhuwaidi. He has prospects in Saudi Arabia with the Monetary Fund, as well as in Canada and the United Kingdom. For his immediate future, he will be a stay-at-home dad while Jasmine finishes her degree and graduates in May.

Graduation won’t be the only milestone celebrated in the Alhuwaidi home this month: They will also welcome their first daughter any day now.