Move-In 2016: Poke-CAM says watch where you Go

We don’t want to take the fun out of Pokemon Go by talking about the possible health benefits of getting off the couch and taking a nice long walk in search of all those virtual beasties. That’s not the point.

But it is important to remember that the game is augmented reality, and even when you’re on the hunt, regular reality is still out there. It can really hurt if you walk into an inanimate object that’s between you and an elusive Charmander. So always be aware of where you are while you play.

The CSU campus has lots of open spaces to explore and search. It also has some unique hazards to observe:

  • Beware of trains! They are big and loud, but make sure the music in your headphones isn’t louder.
  • Don’t bike and play.
  • Don’t stand in the bike lanes. You may get run over (see previous tip).
  • Stay out of construction sites – and there are plenty on campus.
  • Stay hydrated in the heat.
  • Keep competition with other players friendly.
  • Look up once in a while and take in the beauty of CSU’s campus.
  • And if you fall into the Lagoon, Pikachu will laffatchu.

If you wind up with a sore neck from looking down at your phone all day, or sore legs from all that walking, CSU Health Network’s physical therapists and massage therapists can help with that.

The CSU Police Department also offers additional tips on how to stay safe on campus, no matter what you’re doing.

CSU Health Network staff and CSU #TeamSocial contributed to this article.