Move-In 2016: Decade of change

The Lory Student Center plaza in 1973.

Colorado State University has grown and evolved tremendously since the founders first envisioned the state’s land-grant college in 1870, and each decade has contributed to the footprint of today’s campus.

When students arrived on campus in the crisp fall air of the 2005-06 academic year, their number totaled 24,947, including undergraduate, graduate and veterinary medicine doctoral students. In the decade since, Colorado State has experienced annual enrollment growth, last year welcoming the university’s largest and most diverse freshman class in the history of the university. Also last year, student numbers crested more than 32,000 for the first time.

The university has been planning for this growth, expanding campus physical capacity in both academic and living space. It’s not just about building; in recent years, CSU has intentionally turned up the dial in striving for academic and research excellence, along with working to create a superior campus environment, enhanced by the vibrant lifestyle offered by Fort Collins.

This fall marks the halfway point for multiple construction projects on campus which began about 18 months ago as part of a larger $700 million building boom to accommodate student growth, which also will create new jobs – both academic and support – and demand for classroom, research and student living space.

As a result of thoughtful planning, the university is accomplishing its goals while preserving green space, building up not out, maintaining the university’s structural and aesthetic character, enhancing safety, and creating infrastructure to serve the university’s future.


The Lory Student Center plaza today.

Main campus snapshot Today

Total area = 414 acres

170.5 acres of open space

68.5 acres of buildings (including current construction sites)

175 acres of hardscape (plazas, sidewalks, parking lots, bike parking)


Total area = 407 acres

172 acres of open space

52.2 acres of buildings

182.5 acres of hardscape


2006 = 11,183 customer parking spaces on main campus.

2016 = 10,330 customer parking spaces on main campus.

1,000 spaces were unoccupied on daily basis last year, including 350 on main campus

More than 15,500 bike parking spaces

Student housing

Residence halls in 2006 = 5,300 beds

2016 = 6,200 beds

Student apartments in 2006 = 908

2016 = 1,122


CSU invested more than $1.5 million in city transit partnership

In 2006, the LSC Transit Center was built and six Transfort routes came to campus. Today, 13 transit routes stop on campus.

CSU transit ridership:

516,682 = 2006

1,548,189 = 2015*

*2016 numbers not complete