MOVE-IN 2015: Why did you choose CSU?

So, why did you choose CSU?

We were curious, so we convinced some new students to take a break from lugging boxes to their new rooms during move-in to tell us why they decided to become part of the Ram Family.

Kady Blecha Longmont Undeclared
Kady Blecha




“A lot of my relatives went to CSU and I’ve always loved the mascot (CAM the Ram) and the school colors. This is the only campus I toured – I loved it, so I just decided to come here.”





Elizabeth Jones Greeley Undeclared
Elizabeth Jones




“I really liked the environment when I came on my campus visit. I looked at other schools but once I visited here I knew this was the right place.”




Ryan Scott Aurora Biochemistry
Ryan Scott





“I really liked the environment and the city when I came on my visit. I knew this would be a great place to meet new people and experience new things, especially in the outdoors. CSU just stood out for me because it wasn’t too big and it had a great variety of things to do.”


Claire Callaway Wheaton, Ill. Undeclared
Claire Callaway
Wheaton, Ill.





“I was really taken by the aesthetics – it’s really beautiful here. The school is really cool – it’s so green! – and I love the town. Plus, my uncle went to school here and he loved it. Everyone I’ve talked to who went to school here loved it. So, it seemed like a great place to be.”


Joy Caraway Denver Sociology/Criminology
Joy Caraway




“I liked the size of the school. I never really wanted to go to CU-Boulder, and I came here twice to visit and I really liked the vibe here. I know that sounds very Coloradan, but I really liked it. Everyone’s really friendly, CSU has the major I was looking for, and there is a great study abroad program here. It felt right and it had everything I was looking for.”



Malik Clark Denver Business
Malik Clark




“I’ve wanted to come to CSU since I was small. I’ve always followed the sports teams here. I came here on a school visit when I was in 8th grade and I really liked it. I also looked at CU and USC (University of Southern California), but I just really liked it here.”