Monfort Professor Kelly Martin presents ‘Consumption at the Extremes’ Nov. 18

Monfort Professor Kelly Martin has traveled extensively during the past two years, examining populations that exhibit unusual consumption practices.

‘Consumption at the Extremes’

Martin, an associate professor of marketing at Colorado State University, will present “Consumption at the Extremes: Social and Cultural Influences” in the Monfort Professor Lecture at 4 p.m. on Nov. 18 in Clark A, Room 207, on campus.

During Martin’s talk, she will discuss her research on global consumer behavior patterns influenced by various social and cultural forces. She also will discuss some surprising ways that people interact with the marketplace, including findings on how they acquire, consume and conserve material possessions.

Global consumption

“Most consumer research examines behavior in wealthy countries, among wealthy populations,” said Martin. “I am interested in the societal and cultural situations where commonly held beliefs about consumption no longer hold. This type of focus will not only advance thinking about global consumption, but also will help us improve consumer well-being.”

Martin is the first College of Business faculty member to receive a Monfort Professorship, the highest honor Colorado State University bestows on young professors. Martin has been a professor for less than a decade.

Monfort Family Foundation

The Monfort Family Foundation funds the professorship to support young faculty as they advance their careers through teaching and research. Each year, a committee chaired by the provost selects two faculty members as Monfort Professorship recipients. Monfort Professors retain this prestigious designation for two years, and receive $75,000 each year to further their teaching and research.

About the Lecture

What: Monfort Professor Lecture

When: 4 p.m. November 18

Where: Clark A Room 207

Who: Kelly Martin, associate professor of marketing, will present a talk entitled, ““Consumption at the Extremes: Social and Cultural Influences”

Monfort Professor Kelly Martin
Monfort Professor Kelly Martin

“Being selected for a CSU Monfort Professorship has allowed me to advance my research program in directions I never thought possible — especially with respect to studying impoverished markets,” said Martin.

Free and open to the public

The event, which is free and open to the public, is hosted by the Monfort Excellence Fund and CSU’s Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President.