Meet Eric Paricio, CSU Presidential Ambassador

Editor’s note: Colorado State University celebrated Gratitude Week, Jan. 25-29, with a variety of activities that celebrated the positive impacts of philanthropy at CSU. Gratitude Week is an opportunity to recognize and educate Rams about student gratitude for philanthropy from the different partnerships we foster. And not just money, but people’s time, talent, treasure and testimony – all important ways to engage and inspire others through philanthropy.

You can see all the ways CSU celebrated during the week at the Presidential Ambassadors website

Here are some thoughts about Gratitude Week from Presidential Ambassador Eric Paricio, who is now enrolled in the Science Education Graduate Program (’20 B.A. in Music, Minor in Physics and Math). Eric is originally from Centennial, Colorado.

Take us through a brief story of your CSU journey up to this point.

CSU is in my blood – my sister and cousins came here and introduced me to what CSU is all about. CSU did an incredible job of allowing me to combine all my interests of music, science and math.

What are some of your involvements and activities at CSU?

I’m in my third year of being a Presidential Ambassador. I am in Bassic A Cappela (@bassicacappella), the Honors Program, and I helped compose music for short films that the dance department is working on.

What drives you to stay engaged in the CSU community?

CSU is really unique in that it offers the resources of this large institution, and also gives us the personalization and human connection to allow students to excel individually. Staff, faculty and researchers have been incredible resources to learn more as I’m going through my time at CSU.

Eric Paricio
Eric Paricio

As a student at CSU, what does gratitude mean to you?

Saying thank you, paying it forward, and sharing opportunities are all ways to express gratitude. At CSU, gratitude could include scholarships or providing programs like Rams Against Hunger that help students meet their basic needs.

How have you been positively impacted by philanthropy or private giving during your time at CSU?

I’ve had scholarships offered by departments at CSU and people and foundations outside of CSU. Thank you so much to the people who have funded my education up to this point. Everyone who gets supported brings up the university in such a special way, and it impacts everyone around them.

We know there are people who have contributed to your success at CSU. What would you say to the people who have supported you throughout your college experience?

Thank you to everyone who has supported me financially with scholarships; emotional support from my friends and family, and parents who have done so much for me to get through college; academically from my advisors and counselors that are built into the CSU process.

What impact has CSU had on you, and why has that prompted you to give back to CSU as a Presidential Ambassador?

I first heard about the PA program when my sister was in it and was so inspired to hear her stories about speaking with donors and university administration and being a liaison between the donor population and the student body. CSU has given me so many incredible opportunities thanks to donors and I want to help inspire others to join this gift and continue growing the university.