Living in residence halls is great option for returning students

Students at Laurel Village

Story by Sylvia Cranmer and Sarah Maronn

Living in the residence halls is a significant milestone in a student’s college experience.

However, it isn’t just for first-year students. An increasing number of returning CSU students are choosing to continue living on campus for their second year and beyond.

With competition increasing for affordably priced housing, on-campus housing may be the best option for many returning and transfer students. CSU Housing & Dining Services is responding by increasing the inventory of beds to accommodate more students.

“We’ve been working hard to make sure our students have the options they desire and the tools they need to succeed during their on-campus living experience,” said Nick Sweeton, associate executive director for Housing & Dining Services.

Students outside Summit Hall

Creative solutions to accommodate demand

Fall 2022 saw record numbers of students needing housing on campus. The projections for the next academic year seem to be tracking upward as well. Providing more housing options on campus is a priority, and CSU is finding creative solutions.

“Our team has done an extensive analysis of our inventory and have identified spaces where we can add capacity with minimal impact to the rest of the community,” Sweeton said.

Benefits of living on campus

Location, location, location: For easy access to campus offices, activities and classes – living on campus offers the best location in FoCo.

Skip the commute: When it’s cold and snowy outside, students can sleep in and still arrive to class on time without the hassle of scraping car windows, finding parking, biking on icy or wet roads, or waiting at the bus stop.

Easy, affordable living: Forget leases, splitting utilities with roommates, shoveling sidewalks and grocery shopping. The halls offer one inclusive bill that goes directly to the student account with no negotiation required. With the increasing cost of off-campus rent plus all the additional expenses that come with it (think: food, water, trash, electricity, gas, yard care, parking, etc.), living on campus is a very convenient and affordable option.

$0 due at signing: For those who return to the halls, the deposit from this year carries over to next fall and there are no hidden or surprise application fees, security deposits or first/last month rent charges.

Designated spaces for returning, transfer and upper-division students: Returning students get first choice of available rooms on campus, including premium spaces in Laurel Village Alpine, Aspen Hall and the All Gender & Open Housing community in Summit Hall, as well as in Lodgepole at the Aggie Village apartments. There are designated wings and floors in these locations set aside for returning and transfer students only.

Several spaces throughout the halls that have typically been single rooms will be converted into doubles, adding more than 120 beds for students this fall. These additional options offer smaller living spaces in newer buildings, at a lower cost.

“These new ‘economy doubles’ offer students amenities such as air conditioning or suite-style bathrooms at a lower price point than some of the larger rooms on campus,” Sweeton said.

Westfall Hall, which has been offline this academic year, is also expected to be ready for Fall 2023, adding to the housing inventory. The upgraded 12-story residence hall will accommodate about 400 students and features new and more efficient windows, LED light fixtures, new flooring and window coverings, moveable wardrobes and fresh paint.

Dedicated spaces for returning students

To promote on-campus living options, Housing & Dining Services runs the Live On campaign annually, which helps current hall residents recognize the advantages of living on campus beyond their first year. It also offers them an early opportunity to select their room ahead of new students. To make it more inviting for returning and transfer students, designated premium spaces are made available in the halls, including communities in Laurel Village Alpine, Aspen Hall and the All Gender & Open Housing community in Summit Hall. New this year, students also have the option to select available rooms in Lodgepole at the Aggie Village Apartments.

Students outside the Durrell Center

Photo by Joe Mendoza/CSU Photography

Lots of reasons to stay on campus

Returning students repeatedly cite convenience and proximity to classes and activities as some of the main reasons they come back to live on campus. Other benefits include one all-inclusive bill, easy access to a variety of dining options, and 24/7 staff support. Residence halls offer many opportunities for community building and making connections with other students.

“Today’s residence halls are not the dorms of the ’60s and ’70s — there is a strong focus on learning, inclusion and creating a community that supports student development,” said Laura Giles, associate executive director of Housing & Dining Services. “Because of the Housing & Dining Services staff, students are supported in their development and have resources at their fingertips. The convenience of living on campus allows students the time to focus on their academics, involvement and participation in campus activities and events.”

Current residents are encouraged to complete the returning student housing application now to ensure they receive their first choice of room in Fall 2023.

Visit for more information and to apply.