“Lindenmeier: Ancient Lives, Ancient Dreams”

Lindenmeier Arroyo and Folsom Man Hill. Photo courtesy of the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery.

A Colorado State University faculty member and a host of CSU alumni will be speaking at an upcoming symposium celebrating the discovery of the continent’s largest Paleo-Indian Folsom site, which is located in northern Colorado.

The City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Department and The Fort Collins Museum of Discovery are hosting the symposium, which is titled Lindenmeier: Ancient Lives, Ancient Dreams Oct. 19-22, 2014.

The event will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Smithsonian visit to the Lindenmeier site.

Lindenmeier is an archaeological site located in the Soapstone Prairie Natural Area in Larimer County. The site has been crucial to understanding prehistoric Native Americans from the Folsom culture.


An unprecedented gathering of Lindenmeier researchers and Folsom-era Paleo-Indian archaeologists will speak at the symposium, which will include three days of educational sessions, two evening events and a field trip to Soapstone Prairie Natural Area.

The keynote speaker will be Edwin N. Wilmsen, author of Lindenmeier 1934-1974 Concluding Report of Investigations. Other speakers include Colorado State University Associate Professor Jason LaBelle of the anthropology department and anthropology alumni Nicole Waguespack, Cody Newton and Bridget Ambler, along with other archaeologists and Lindenmeier experts.


Symposium activities will take place in the Northside Aztlan Community Center and the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery. Tickets are $175, and they can be purchased online. For information on single day/event registration for the symposium, contact Treloar Bower at (970) 416-2768 or tbower@fcmod.org.

You can find out more information and the full symposium schedule here.