Library launches Primo: fast, personalized search engine

Search more, faster. That’s what the new Primo search engine, now available through CSU Libraries, offers users.

Primo allows users to search more at once by accessing catalogs, databases and collections all in one place. Primo searches articles and databases to retrieve relevant materials, and since it is not restricted to just a keyword or title, you can search by almost anything.

Discovery on-the-go means Primo is accessible from any device – iPhone, Android, tablet and more – so users will have a fresh and intuitive web experience when searching content.

Access to the user’s CSU Libraries account is part of Primo, instead of being in a separate location from the search. This feature will help users request items and streamline off-campus access to the search. Primo allows users to login and gain access to most electronic resources from off campus.

Relevancy ranking in Primo uses algorithms to deliver content that is relevant to the search context and user’s profile. Serendipitous discovery allows one to learn and explore content through automatic recommendations and virtual browsing.

Maximizing impact

In a time when access to information is almost instantaneous using the Internet, Primo helps promote the visibility of library services and resources. With increased visibility through Primo, users can discover more of what CSU Libraries have to offer.

Support for academic research is provided through the Primo Central Index where hundreds of millions of scholarly e-resources are aggregated. Promotion of local content enables the library to feature digital collections and brand visibility tailors Primo’s look and feel to create a discovery environment unique to CSU Libraries.

Nearly 2,100 global institutions use Primo to encourage library discovery and enhance the search experience. This launch provides greater institutional value and support for CSU students, faculty, and staff.

Try Primo here.