Show your pride, fund a scholarship

Scholarships play an important role in easing students’ college financial burdens. According to the online college resource College Raptor, out of 1.8 million college graduates, 1.2 million — two out of three — received scholarship gift aid in 2013-14.

Colorado State University offers a variety of scholarship opportunities for students, and one of those is the CSU Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship.

Awarded to full-time students whose parents, grandparents or stepparents are graduates of CSU, and who demonstrate service and leadership to their communities, the Legacy Scholarship helps keep the CSU tradition alive for many families.

Nevin Fowler, a CSU junior majoring in journalism, applied for and received the scholarship to continue the legacy his parents and grandparents began when they attended CSU. Recipient Bryna Burns is grateful for the support because she is able to attend school without the added worry of covering tuition and school-related costs.

“The Legacy Scholarship relieved a lot of pressure, because I am a double-major engineering student,” said Burns. “It has allowed me to focus on school instead of getting another job.” Legacy Scholarship students receive, on average, $2,500 per school year.

Show your pride, fund a scholarship

Funds for the Legacy Scholarship, and for alumni activities, are raised through the official CSU license plate program. Anyone who is a Rams fan can purchase the official CSU license plates, and through Sept. 30, all CSU faculty and staff can receive a $15 discount when they place their order.

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