KRNC Student Spotlight

Taylor Lobdell

Story by Zara Hopkins

Taylor Lobdell is from Colorado Springs, Colorado, and a senior at CSU this fall. She was a summer intern at the Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center.

Taylor’s main interest in nutrition revolves around the bad relationships people have with food resulting in eating disorders. She has strong feelings about labeling food “good” or “bad.” She also likes the science behind nutrition; the digestion and metabolism of all macro and micro nutrients.

Taylor’s current plans are to become a registered dietitian. Her favorite parts about being at the KRNC this summer were twofold; atmosphere and freedom. She stated the KRNC had a fun working atmosphere with everyone being so welcoming and friendly. She stated, “I looked forward to going every time.” She also said she felt free to participate in many different activities including recipe changes, shadowing clients, helping in the new KRNC space at the Health and Medical Center and asking questions about nutrition.

The Kendall Reagan Nutrition Center is in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition in CSU’s College of Health and Human Sciences.