Kudos to colleagues

Snow removal team
The snow removal team in Facilities Management was recognized in May of 2014.

Do you know a group that deserves recognition?

The CSU Employee Appreciation Board (CSUEAB) is seeking nominations to recognize well-deserving campus groups or units for their exceptional efforts, unique talents and for going above and beyond their daily duties.

The CSUEAB works with Commitment to Campus to find those “unsung heroes” among our employees who are making a difference and deserve to be acknowledged for their efforts.

Nominate an outstanding unit at CSU

Past outstanding campus units that have been recognized include:

  • Facilities Custodial AM Supervisors and Leads
  • Laurel Hall staff
  • College of Agricultural Sciences Information Technology Group
  • Development and Advancement Information Systems IT Team
  • Atmospheric Sciences

For a more complete list of past outstanding units that have been recognized, click here.

How are units recognized?

These unit recognitions take place during the academic year and can be anything from a breakfast or lunch (for a small group) to ice cream treats at a staff meeting. CSUEAB is seeking your help in finding those who should be considered for recognition.

How to nominate a unit

To nominate a unit for their exceptional efforts, go to the CSUEAB website and click on “nominate an outstanding unit.” The nominations will be evaluated by the CSUEAB at its monthly meetings with the strongest nominations recognized.

Should you have any questions about the CSUEAB recognition of units, please email CSUEAB at csu_eab@mail.colostate.edu.

Did you also know…?

  • Our Housing Operations Management has a “Pat On The Back” in each of their monthly newsletters, recognizing an outstanding employee.
  • The Housing Operations Management also has a weekly bulletin with a “Shoutout” to an employee.
  • College of Business sends out “Ticker” every Friday which includes accolades to their people.
  • Classified Personnel Council is seeking nominations for Everyday Hero. Have you thought of nominating someone?
  • Administrative Professional Council is recognizing AP Stars. Do you know someone who is a star…?
  • Have you considered making someone’s day within your own team? It could be as simple as a card from the team, “Hero for a Day” recognition or a simple certificate with cheers and positive comments about someone on your team bulletin board.
  • Workplace satisfaction does not always come from monetary rewards. Many people say that their work environment is one of the most important reasons they want to stay and contribute their best.