Josh Cogdill: computer engineer and decathlon champion

Cogdill 2Electrical and Computer Engineering junior Josh Cogdill is all about grit. In addition to earning high marks in his rigorous coursework, the star student-athlete recently won the men’s decathlon at the Mountain West Championship at San Diego State.

The decathlon is a 10-event competition in track and field held over two consecutive days. Winners are determined by the combined performance in all 10 events. Cogdill, a computer engineering major from Longmont, Colo., had solid scores in each event and topped the field in the 100-meter dash, long jump, and discus.

All-around student and athlete

Cogdill 3Supported by both athletic and academic scholarships, Cogdill is fast, strong, and ready for life’s hurdles. A driven problem solver who likes being challenged, he is committed to maintaining his high engineering GPA while growing as an athlete.

“Everyone said it would be hard to major in engineering and compete in sports,” said Cogdill. “But I like the challenging material, and I have a love for track and field. If you have a passion, you’ll put in the time.”

Cogdill balances a busy routine that includes twice-a-day workouts, a full schedule of ECE classes, and hours of studying in the evenings.

Having excelled in math and science in high school, Cogdill knew he wanted to pursue engineering. And it runs in the family. His father and brother, Craig (BS Computer Engineering ’14), are both engineers.

“I enjoy computer engineering because I love solving problems,” said Cogdill. “Even though it can be frustrating at times, there’s always more to learn, and I like that aspect.”

Cogdill’s ultimate goal is to become an All-American, which honors the top track and field athletes in the nation. This year he was only a few spots away from making the elite group.

In his free time, Cogdill enjoys hanging out with friends, fishing and playing golf.