INTO CSU celebrates its largest graduating class this spring

This spring’s Commencement was a special triumph for the faculty and staff of INTO CSU as 57 former Academic English and Pathway students graduated from Colorado State University, making the Class of 2016 the largest group of graduates who have come through INTO CSU. The graduating class consists of 40 Graduate Pathway students and 12 Academic English students, along with two Undergraduate Pathway students and three Academic English students.

“This is a proud moment for us as well as the students,” said Nancy Berry, INTO CSU director of English Language Programs.

INTO CSU Center Director Fabiola Ehlers-Zavala agreed.

“At INTO CSU, we are very proud to see our former students reaching their academic goals at CSU. Their level of commitment has clearly served them well,” she said.

Among the Undergraduate Pathway students graduating this May is Brandon Bernandus, who earned his bachelor’s in Business Administration.

“I was particularly impressed with the story of Brandon Bernandus, former INTO CSU student from Indonesia, who has secured an internship in Singapore, working in international development and media for the Indonesian Embassy,” said Ehlers-Zavala.  “Brandon was also admitted to the London School of Economics, and is multilingual — I spoke with him in Spanish. I wish all the best to Brandon and to all the many other students who have reached similar amazing accomplishments.”

Before moving on to his next adventure, Bernandus looked back on his year at INTO CSU. “All the people at INTO CSU have been a great support to me in my freshman year,” he said. “That helped me a lot with transitions from Indonesia to the United States. Thank you very much.”

Girl with Colorado State pennant sitting on Oval.
Rou-An Chen

Rou-An Chen’s journey from Taiwan to graduation began two years ago with the Financial Risk Management Graduate Pathway Program. She chose CSU because of the prestigious finance program in the College of Business and the amazing scenery of Northern Colorado.

“The most exciting thing about graduation is that I will start to work, and start to make money. No more exams, and no more homework!” Chen said.

After a well-deserved break she plans to continue interviewing in the United States and Taiwan. “I haven’t decided if I will stay here or go back to Taiwan. I want to look for an internship.”

“INTO CSU is committed to providing quality Academic and English language programs to better equip our students with the skill sets necessary to succeed in CSU’s top-ranked graduate programs. To witness these students from their start in a Pathway program to their commencement from a prestigious graduate degree program, such as the Master of Science in Financial Risk Management is a privilege and a honor,” said Ehlers-Zavala. “We are delighted and proud of Rou-An Chen’s accomplishments wish her the very best as she pursues a bright future in finance.”

Festive reception

INTO CSU hosted a reception in honor of this spring’s graduating class and invited former students to attend. Ehlers-Zavala addressed the students on behalf of the INTO CSU center with heartfelt congratulations.

“We are so very proud of you. I know you have worked very hard. This is just the starting point of a very bright future ahead of you,” she said. “What a wonderful day to be here with all of you.”

INTO CSU faculty and staff reunited with former students over cake and congratulations as students shared their plans and aspirations for the next steps of their journey steps in the world.