I Love CSU Day is a tradition in which the community gets the chance to celebrate all the things they love and appreciate about being a Ram. On April 18, Rams around the world celebrate all that connects us to the green and gold community. Hear from a few students who stopped between classes to share with SOURCE why they love CSU.


“I love CSU because I love the community. We are very prideful to be Rams. I also love the intramural sports CSU offers and how a lot of students participate in them. We also have really good dining halls that have a lot of good options, especially for gluten- and dairy-free people. Obviously, I also love CAM the Ram because he is really cute, you can go take pictures with him, and his handlers are also really nice. My teachers have also always been very nice and accommodating when I need them to be. Lastly, I also love the corgi festival!”

— Lanie Lopez
Biochemistry, Sophomore


“The best thing about CSU is the awesome community and people who go here. I also love hanging out with my friends at the Ramskeller in the Lory Student Center after classes.”

— Connor Whitt
Chemical and Biological Engineering, Senior


“My favorite thing about CSU is how they give me the ability to do my research, videos, filming and documentaries with the support of the teachers, courses and materials they provide for me at CSU. I am so grateful for that.”

— Lauren Davis
Journalism and Media Communication, Sophomore


“The Fort Collins community has always been super supportive of us students. Rams always take care of Rams, and I love that aspect of this school.” 

— Colin Hill
Chemical and Biological Engineering, Senior


“I love CSU because there is such an ‘outdoorsy’ student population with a lot of things going on outside. Whether people are hanging out on the intramural fields playing spike ball or hammocking, rollerblading in our roller rink, hiking 14ers or rock-climbing, there is always something fun to do. The campus is also super friendly – this may be kind of random – but I love that people always hold the door for me. Everyone here is super nice, down to Earth and easy to talk to. I also love CAM the Ram because he is the cutest thing ever, and if he were a man I would date him. I am also an admissions ambassador so I love giving tours and showing off our awesome school.”

—Bridgette Sauter
Biomedical Science, Sophomore


“I love Colorado State University’s location. There is always a lot to do and it is surrounded by a great community that is supporting.”

— Noah Mauck
Mechanical Engineering, Freshman


“I love CSU because of CAM the Ram — he is the best. I also love CSU because in my major, human development and family studies, I have never had a bad professor. Everyone is super nice and always willing to help. I also love being in Colorado and seeing the mountains every day. I love all the fun activities to do around Fort Collins; it is really a great environment.”

— Alexis Burt
Human Development and Family Studies, Junior


“I love CSU because there are a lot of cafés and places to eat around the campus. That is really good because it gives us a spot to hang out and the food is good. I love it; that is why I like CSU the most.” 

— Scott Roh
Biomedical Science, Junior


“I love CSU because of the community aspect, such as intramural sports, the events that CSU always has for students to get to know each other better, and I have always loved all of my professors within my major. The campus is easy to navigate, it’s always a pretty walk to my classes, and all the buildings have great resources like coffee, food and study rooms.”

— Amanda Hedges
Communication Studies, Junior


“I love CSU because of the easy-going environment. Everyone is always super chill. I also love how supportive the entire community is of everything us students do.”

— Bailey Kraljic
Chemical Engineering, Senior


“Something that I love about CSU is the Greek life. I am in Alpha Gamma Rho. While I had zero intentions on joining a fraternity, it has been one of the best decisions I made with our philanthropy and meeting all the guys there. It has allowed me to become a lot more involved with CSU.” 

—Eddie Ellis
Biology, Junior