How will the new FLSA rule impact my job?

Determining what the changes in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) mean for specific positions across the CSU community is the task at hand for the university’s Department of Human Resources.

Desk - Impact to EmployeesColorado State University will be impacted by the “Final Rule,” as it is called, in a similar manner to other institutions of higher education and employers across the country, according to Diana Prieto, CSU executive director for Human Resources and Equal Opportunity. “We have worked hard, and continue to do so, to fashion an effective implementation strategy,” said Prieto. “Human Resources is partnering with HR professionals and with key offices across campus to provide communication and tools to manage the impact on positions and people affected by the changes.”

While the updated regulation more than doubles the current salary threshold to qualify for exemption from overtime pay – the new salary threshold will be $47,476 – some details of the rule particular to higher education remained unchanged. In addition, some of the anticipated changes to the “duties test” for exemption were not part of the final rule. However, there is language in the final rule which may impact some positions when the type of work performed is taken into consideration.

Here’s is a general look at how the new FLSA rule affects positions across campus:

Academic faculty and instructors – positions with teaching responsibilities are exempt from the FLSA.

Research scientists, research associates and post-doctoral positions – are subject to the FLSA. To be exempt from overtime, the position must meet the new salary threshold and current duties test.

Administrative professional and classified personnel positions – are subject to the FLSA. To be exempt from overtime, the position must meet the salary threshold and duties tests.

Graduate Teaching Assistants and Graduate Research Assistants – positions focused on academic preparation and paid through a stipend, not a salary, are not subject to the FLSA.

Student employees – are generally not subject to the overtime rule because they work less than 40 hours per week.

CSU Human Resources is hosting a series of campus meetings in June to provide more information about how the new FLSA will impact the university and employees. Final implementation is required by Dec. 1, 2016, when the changes go into effect.

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