How to submit your proposals for the 2022 International Symposium

International Symposium

A look at the Visual Showcase during the 2020 International Symposium. 

It’s rare to see presentations like “SNL (Shakespeare Night Live)” and “Taking Stock of Morocco’s Art Scene” on the same program with “One World Health: IDRC Engagement in Stemming the Tide of Disease on a Global Basis”, but that’s one of the things that makes Colorado State University’s International Symposium unique. 

“It’s totally open-ended — we don’t want to narrow the scope,” said Diana Galliano, the executive assistant to the Vice Provost for International Affairs and one of the International Symposium’s organizers. “It encompasses such a variety of topics as well as presenters — from students to expert researchers.”

International Symposium offers in-person and virtual sessions

The 2022 edition will mark the third year of CSU’s International Symposium. It’s slated for Feb. 15-17, and will feature a combination of in-person events in the Lory Student Center as well as Zoom sessions.

It comes after a year and a half where leaving the country hasn’t been commonplace. Kathleen Fairfax, the vice provost for International Affairs, said this could lead to some interesting discussions since people have had to adapt to doing research without traveling, such as by analyzing climate change through GIS data rather than actually going to the Arctic Circle to take samples. 

“Travel used to be what everyone associated with international,” she said. “You have to travel to experience places and bring people there, etc. But, there’s a lot of ways international research can happen without travel, so it will be interesting to see the creative ways people have managed to keep their work alive.” 

How to submit a proposal

The 2022 International Symposium will offer both in-person sessions and events in the Lory Student Center as well as a variety of virtual Zoom sessions. To submit a proposal for a session or to participate in the Multimedia Showcase, please complete the form below by Friday, Oct. 29.

Applicants will learn whether their submissions have been accepted in early December.

Here is the application form:

CSU students, faculty and staff can submit proposals on their international work, studies, or interests at this year’s International Symposium. These can cover everything from educational experiences to research to economics to the arts.

International Symposium instrument
A student plays an instrument during the 2020 International Symposium.

There is also a Multimedia Showcase, where students, faculty and staff can convey their international work or studies through visual or other media.

“And this doesn’t necessarily have to be connected to their academics,” Fairfax said. “Students will play unusual instruments that we never see in the U.S., faculty or students who are really good at photography will show off their international journeys. Share that with us.” 

Proposals are due on Friday, Oct. 29. Written submissions should be no more than 150 words and video entries should be less than 3 minutes long.

To submit a proposal, please fill out this form

In 2020, the symposium featured 38 presentations over the course of three days. Past keynote speakers have included author Helen Thorpe (2020) and Ambassador Ryan Crocker (2021).     

During the 2022 International Symposium, Fairfax and CSU’s new Vice President for Inclusive Excellence Kauline Cipriani will host a discussion about the differences and commonalities between international and domestic diversity. 

The final schedule for the symposium will be released early next year.