Hinsdale County: Peter Sperl – Mechanical Engineering

Peter Sperl

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You can not go wrong with CSU! You can learn almost anything there. Also, do not be afraid of the challenges of college. I met so many people who did everything they could to help me succeed.


During the 2022-23 academic year, we are highlighting one Colorado State University student or alum from each of Colorado’s 64 counties. The Centennial State’s land grant university has a connection to the diverse lands and people from the counties of Moffat to Baca, Montezuma to Sedgwick and everywhere in between.

Peter Sperl

Major(s)Mechanical Engineering, concentration in Advanced Manufacturing, 2022 graduate

Why I chose CSU: I was familiar with CSU since I competed here every year for the State Knowledge Bowl competition during high school; and the hands-on focus of the mechanical engineering program here was perfect for a gear-head like myself.

My favorite thing about CSU: Easily the Engineering Manufacturing Education Center (EMEC). This is the lab where I spent three years of my time at CSU, both as a student, work study, and intern. I absolutely spent more hours in that lab than anywhere else on campus.

Clubs/organizations in college: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Career goals: I currently work with the industrial/commercial HVAC company, Engineered Air. I am training to become a Sales Technician in the next year. I hope to specialize in cleanroom applications for the production of particulate sensitive products like semiconductors, vaccines or even satellites.

Favorite instructor: Dr. (Steven) Schaeffer (AKA “Doc”), Mech200. Taking Mech200 during the fall of my sophomore year literally changed my entire college career! Before this class, I was studying to concentrate in Aerospace Engineering. Mech200 was my first opportunity to study in the EMEC. I quickly fell in love with the lab and the projects. Doc encouraged me to continue studying manufacturing which eventually resulted in my change to the Advance Manufacturing concentration. He also offered me a chance to be a work study under him after I took the class, something I did for the rest of my time at CSU. I learned so much under Doc’s mentorship. Some of my most favorite being, manual machining, metallurgy,and metal casting/pattern making.

Scholarships/awards in college: Green and Gold Scholarship; 2022 Engineering Days Senior Design Showcase Mechanical Engineering – Prosthesis for Quadruple Amputee – 2nd Place

Favorite achievement in high school or college: Graduating! Not too many people from my home town actually make it to college, much less graduate. Getting to walk up on that stage was a huge moment for a guy coming from the sticks.

I’d like to thank: My dad for always pushing me to charge forward, even when I felt like I couldn’t move; My mother for showing my what it means to always dream; My brother for giving me someone to always look up to; All the friends I made, thank you for making my time at CSU awesome.

Favorite NOCO food and hangout placesRoad34. Beer, hockey and cheese curds. Go Avalanche!

Quirky fact about you few people know: I collect folding knives and currently have 23 in my collection. The best are from Spyderco (made in Colorado!)

What do you tell people from Hinsdale County about CSU: You can not go wrong with CSU! You can learn almost anything there. Also, do not be afraid of the challenges of college. I met so many people who did everything they could to help me succeed.

What’s your favorite CSU tradition: Everyone has to get a photo with Cam at some point. How could you say “no” to those eyes?

Something people should know about Hinsdale CountyThere is one town in my county. Lake City has a population around 400. My high school only had 20 students in it!

Biggest adversity you’ve overcome at CSU: Living my whole life in the middle of nowhere, then going to college in a city like Fort Collins was a huge shock for me. I truthfully thought I wouldn’t make it during my first year.