Help a student in quarantine or isolation with care-package items

CSU student Signe Devine, an environmental sociology major, looks out the window of her sorority house while quarantined for COVID-19. No one in the house turned out to be infected. Photo by John Eisele/CSU Photography

This year has presented more than enough challenges for everyone. But if you’re a Colorado State University student in quarantine or isolation due to COVID-19, things can be downright daunting.

So, the Alumni Association, Housing & Dining Services, and the Division of Student Affairs have teamed up to provide care packages for students during their time spent either in quarantine or in isolation recovering from the virus. And you can help.

Care-package donation day

Date: Monday, Oct. 19

Time: Noon to 6 p.m.

Location: Westfall Hall parking lot

Donations of student-requested items will be collected from noon to 6 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 19, in the Westfall Hall parking lot at the corner of Shields and Laurel streets on the northwest corner of campus. Requested items include puzzle books, craft supplies, books, microwave popcorn and other snacks and gift cards for entertainment like Netflix and Apple.

“It is important to give our students these care packages because they need to know that faculty, students, staff and community members care about them, and we need to let them know that we understand that this is a difficult and stressful experience for them — especially our first-year students — and that we care about them,” said Blanche Hughes, vice president for Student Affairs. “I also know that faculty and staff have reached out to ask what can they do and how can they help. These care packages allow the rest of us to ‘do something’ to hopefully bring a little joy to our students and allows us to show our support as well.”

Currently, there are around 100 students either in quarantine or isolation in campus-designated spaces. Those in quarantine have been exposed to the virus and have typically been asked to shelter in place for 14 days. Those in isolation have tested positive and must shelter in place until they test negative for the virus – usually around 10 days, but occasionally longer, depending on the individual.

Students living on campus are moved to designated quarantine spaces on campus or at the University Inn hotel. Housing & Dining Services helps move the students, provides a list of suggested items to pack and arranges for meals and snacks to be delivered daily. There are also regular check-ins to make sure students are OK.

“Our students are amazing, and the dedication of Housing & Dining Services staff across all departments has been incredibly amazing as well,” said Mari Strombom, executive director of HDS. “We have all been deeply engaged in support of these students.”

Representatives from the Alumni Association, Housing & Dining Services, and University Advancement will be collecting donations and assembling the care packages. They will be delivered next week, and any students quarantined or put in isolation going forward will get a care package when they are moved.

“Our campus community has really pulled together and has been looking for ways to offer encouragement to students in quarantine and isolation, which is exactly what has happened with these care packages,” Strombom said. “The students are doing their part by following guidelines in quarantine, and this is just one small way our campus community can potentially make that student’s day a little brighter.”

Approved donation items


Game and puzzle books (Sudoku, word search and crossword)


Coloring books & colored pencils

Art supplies, craft supplies or kits such as:

  • Colored pencils, markers or crayons
  • Paint by number
  • Color by number
  • Sketch books
  • Water color supplies
  • Beading
  • Cross-stich or embroidery kits
  • Card making kits

Journal and pens


Deck of cards


Face, hand or foot nourishing spa masks

Nail polish/remover

Small house plants

Snacks (nonperishable items only; students do have access to microwaves)

Microwave popcorn

Instant/microwave oatmeal

Microwave mac & cheese

Microwave ramen

Other microwavable single-serve snacks/meals

Microwavable brownie and dessert cups

Granola or protein bars

Variety of snack-size crackers and cookies

Variety of snack-size bags of chips

Candy, chocolates

Chewing gum


Gift Cards (maximum $10)

Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime streaming services

Apple Music, Google Play or Spotify music streaming services

Only new and unused items will be accepted. Additionally, please keep donation items smaller than 13” x 16” as they will be packaged in 2-gallon zip bags.