Hats off to CSU’s custodial staff

Story by Veronica Nicholson and Dan Kelso

Colorado State University has a diligent, knowledgeable and hard-working custodial staff that enables an environment conducive to teaching, learning and research. Custodial staff support the campus by maintaining the appearance and safety of the many academic buildings where we work and learn.

There are 142 academic buildings on campus, encompassing 7.7 million gross square feet and 4.5 million cleanable square feet. These buildings are cared for and maintained by a custodial staff of 153 people. Custodial staff are responsible for cleaning 563 classrooms, 6,410 offices and 1,027 restrooms – daily! They handle over 3,000 tons of trash and another 1,100 tons of recyclables per year.

A snow or ice day means additional work. The custodial staff who are assigned to a specific building are required to shovel the snow surrounding the immediate building in preparation for the arrival and safety of staff, faculty and students. Once the outside perimeter is determined safe, they continue inside to resume their regular daily duties. However, their inside duties are escalated in keeping the floors dry and safe.

The custodial staff rotates to different buildings every three months. The staff rotation is done so that they become familiar with the layout and requirements of other buildings. This also provides an opportunity for the building occupants to get to know other custodial staff – and say “Hello!”

The Classified Personnel Council wants to say “thank you” to the CSU custodial staff – for the wonderful job that you do to help keep CSU operating smoothly! Your customer service is outstanding; friendly, prompt and professional. We are proud of these State Classified employees here at CSU!