GSC presents Awards for Graduate Advising and Mentorship

Scott Nissen

Cameron Aldridge

Susan van den Heever

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) selected three award recipients for their first Award for Graduate Advising and Mentorship:

• Scott Nissen, Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management
• Cameron Aldridge, Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
• Susan van den Heever, Atmospheric Science

In addition, four faculty members received honorable mentions:

• Yongcheng Zhou, Mathematics
• Manfred Diehl, Human Development and Family Studies
• Zinta Byrne, Psychology
• Lucas Argueso,  Cell and Molecular Biology

The GSC created this award to recognize exceptional faculty advisors who continually dedicate their time, energy, and wisdom to CSU graduate students. One student nomination letter noted the importance of the role of the faculty advisor, describing her as “our biggest cheerleader and our most constructive critic.”

Faculty award recipients were presented with honors at the Faculty Council Meeting in May.

“As the Dean of the Graduate School, I am pleased that the GSC has created a formal process to recognize the excellence in graduate advising and mentorship that occurs here. Additionally, I am delighted to congratulate these outstanding awardees for their commitment to graduate student advising, mentoring, and success,” said Dean Jody Hanzlik.

The GSC received over 70 submissions with 55 faculty advisors nominated from 30 different departments. The GSC congratulates the award recipients and expresses gratitude to all the advisors at CSU who dedicate themselves to creating the next generation of leaders in research, industry and beyond.

This newly founded award will be offered on an annual basis will nominations being accepted in the spring. Please check the GSC website for details to nominate an exceptional faculty advisor next year.