Fund provides loans to CSU employees facing financial emergencies

c2c logoFor many working adults, one unexpected charge at the end of the month can throw an entire financial budget into turmoil. A medical emergency, a death in the family or an unforeseen crisis can break the bank for employees on a tight budget.

As part of its commitment to the well-being of CSU campus community members, Commitment to Campus has an Employee Hardship Loan Fund (EHLF) to provide no-interest loans to CSU employees who have found themselves experiencing a financial crisis due to unexpected emergencies or situations beyond their control.

“We understand that emergencies happen and sometimes life throws us surprises that we simply cannot plan for,” said Lynn Johnson, vice president for university operations. “Offering a loan to help our co-workers pay a medical bill or book a flight to a family funeral is one way we can help the nearly 8,000 employees on our campus see that we care about them.”

Established in 2015, the EHLF fund has loaned more than $60,000 to CSU employees to help bridge the financial gap created during family emergencies.

Employees who incur expenses related to the death of a family member, being a victim of a serious crime affecting financial accounts, urgent medical treatments not covered by insurance, or an unforeseen, calamitous event creating hardship not caused by the employee may be eligible for the loan program. A committee comprised of faculty and staff representatives confidentially reviews each application and determines loan amounts. Income is not considered as part of any loan consideration. The employee can receive a loan of up to $1,000 and can only apply for assistance every two years. Employees have up to a year to repay the loan, depending on the amount borrowed.

Employee Eligibility

  • State Classified salaried employees
  • Academic faculty on regular, special, senior teaching or temporary appointments
  • Administrative Professionals on regular, special or temporary appointments of half-time or greater
  • Post-Doctoral Fellows, Veterinary Interns and Clinical Psychology Interns on appointments of half-time or greater

Definition of an Emergency

  • Death in the family causing financial difficulties, such as unexpected travel to attend the funeral
  • Being the victim of a serious crime, especially when it deprives the employee of cash, credit or access to his or her accounts
  • Urgent medical, dental or other healthcare treatment expenses not covered by insurance
  • An unforeseen, calamitous event or urgent circumstance that creates a hardship that is not caused by the employee

Click for more information on the Emergency Hardship Loan Fund or to apply for an Emergency Hardship Loan.