Frozen pipes close Clark Building

The B and C wings of the Clark Building will be closed Tuesday, Dec. 27 – and possibly longer this week – to clean up and repair flooding caused by frozen fan coils bursting after extreme cold temperatures last week.

Facilities Management crews discovered the damage Saturday evening. The building will be closed to all occupants so crews can continue to assess, clean and repair. The Clark Building will remained locked until Facilities Management crews have mitigated all critical issues. Colorado State University police are patrolling the building and CSU Safety and Risk Services personnel are on site on fire watch.

Some offices in Clark B have been impacted. Any person needing access to the building should consult with their dean or division head to make arrangements. All mail service to Clark has been suspended until the building reopens. Mail can be collected at Central Receiving for the time being, if needed.

Other campus buildings, including the Student Recreation Center, Biology, the Lory Student Center and Canvas Stadium were also impacted by frozen pipes. Those buildings are not closed.

Any person entering campus buildings and discovers aftermath of frozen pipes should contact Facilities Management right away.