Frontiers publishing agreement offsets CSU author costs, labor

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Colorado State University supports its researchers in making their work more widely available. As part of this support, CSU Libraries has entered an institutional membership agreement for open access publishing with Frontiers.

This institutional agreement means that eligible CSU researchers may publish in any Frontiers journal at no cost to them. The Libraries will pay associated fees to Frontiers on the author’s behalf, relieving them of the responsibility for payment.

To be eligible, a publication’s corresponding author must be affiliated with CSU.

This agreement will further encourage CSU researchers to publish open access, increasing the volume of research openly available. While this reduces costs for the researcher, it also benefits the wider research community and the public at large.

For years, CSU Libraries has been exploring ways to reduce the financial barriers researchers and scholars face when publishing open access, including through grants and discounts.

Recently, similar open access agreements have been signed with other major publishers, including Cambridge University Press, Wiley and Microbiology Society.

For information on whether your article is eligible under this agreement, or if you require any further details, please visit the Libraries’ Open Access Publishing for Researchers or contact Khaleedah Thomas at