Free resources for office ergonomics available to CSU employees

October is Ergonomics Awareness month, and CSU has free resources to help employees avoid injuries.

Typing on laptopErgonomics involves designing the job demands, workplace, tasks, tools and equipment to meet the capabilities of employees. This applies to all areas of work, including computer workstation environments. If the workstation does not properly fit an employee, or an employee uses or adjusts equipment incorrectly, exposure to ergonomic hazards increase, as does the risk for injury. Much like a shoe should fit the foot, the workstation should fit the body! Proper office ergonomics is a crucial part of keeping employees at a low risk for injury.

When setting up your computer workstation, use the basic guidelines found online here (graphic courtesy of Herman Miller).

If you cannot set up your workstation properly, and you cannot get into the ideal posture (by using the workstation setup guide from the link above), consider more formal training and/or an evaluation from a specialist.

Online Training:

Instructor Led Training:

Ergonomic Evaluation Request: (click links for “Office Ergonomic Evaluation Request”)

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On average, CSU employees see about a 52% reduction in their injury risk score after having an ergonomic evaluation (after making recommended changes as recommended by an ergonomics specialist).

• Before/Initial Evaluation – Moderate Risk Score (24)
• After/After Changes Implemented – Low Risk Score (11)

Although an evaluation by a specialist is highly recommended, it is not required if you are able to make appropriate changes on your own using various tools and information found on the ergonomics website. The goal, whether you make changes on your own or seek help from a specialist, is to make appropriate changes and keep yourself safe, healthy and productive.

Matching funds

If your department is in need of financial assistance to make changes, the Office of Risk Management Ergonomics Program can help by potentially offering funding of up to $500 per employee in matching funds (up to 50% of total equipment cost) to modify existing office computer workstations and provide departments a cost-effective method of injury protection. For additional information, access to the matching funds procedure, application and more, go to the ergonomics website.

Contact a member of the ergonomics team with any questions and see the website for extensive details:

(970) 491-2724