Food for Fines now helps students via Rams Against Hunger

Food for Fines is a long tradition at CSU’s Parking and Transportation Services; it allows a donation of food to be used to reduce citation rates. This year, Parking and Transportation Services is proud to support Rams Against Hunger through its Food for Fines program.

Food for Fines offers a chance reduce the amount of a parking citation during select days of the year with a donation to help alleviate hunger. Starting this year, the program will benefit students through Rams Against Hunger. Rams Against Hunger helps provide meals to university students who face food insecurity; university data indicated that one in ten students may not know where his or her next meal is coming from, or when.

This spring, donations qualify for a reduced fine amount between April 24 and May 12. To lower your parking citation fine with a donation, you may log in through the Parking and Transportation Services website.

The Rules
– A $5 donation made within the first 14 days of when a citation was issued reduces the fine by $10.
– After 14 days, all parking citation fines double. After fines escalate, a $5 donation reduced the escalated fine by $10, and a $10 donation reduces an escalated fine by $20.

Donations for higher amounts are accepted and encouraged to benefit Rams Against Hunger, but will not further reduce a citation fine.