FLSA implementation timeline

CSU has been preparing for the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime rule change for months.

CalendarBelow is a timeline of past and ongoing efforts by the Department of Human Resources to prepare campus for the Dec. 1 implementation of the new rule.

  • MAY: HR met with all deans, vice presidents and vice provosts to share information about the proposed changes and the possible impact to campus. The Council of Deans and Cabinet were updated on the changes made by the final rule after it was released on May 18.
  • MAY/JUNE: HR met with the Campus Administrative Advisory Group and will be presenting a similar overview of the changes to the rule and campus impact to the Administrative Professional Council, Classified Personnel Council, Campus Administrative Processes Advisory Committee and HR Liaisons throughout June.
  • JUNE: HR is offering four FLSA general information sessions to campus throughout this month to highlight changes brought by the new rule.
  • LATE SUMMER/EARLY FALL: HR will be offering separate sessions specifically for supervisors and employees on the details of tracking and monitoring time worked, the use of overtime and compensatory time, guidelines to define work hours while traveling and attending professional development, and other relevant topics under the FLSA.
  • LATE SUMMER/FALL: HR will be offering sessions on job description creation.
  • ONGOING: HR and Information Systems are pursuing options for a central time management tool for units to use to track and approve time worked by nonexempt employees.
  • FALL: HR is working with the Provost’s Office and the Office of Budgets to define a streamlined and fluid process for units to seek out-of-cycle salary increase requests for exempt eligible positions as a result of the increased salary threshold under the FLSA.

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