What the FLSA court ruling means to CSU employees

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If you are one of the approximately 840 Colorado State University employees who received notice in October that your employment status would be changing to comply with new federal overtime rules that were set to go into effect Dec. 1, you may be wondering what happens next.

The rule change did not happen as planned, because of an injunction filed by a district court judge just before Thanksgiving. It is uncertain when the legal issues will be settled, but, according to Diana Prieto, chief human resources officer for CSU, the university is prepared to move forward regardless of the outcome.

“The work that has been done places us in a good position to comply with what may ultimately result and has led to many positive outcomes regardless of the ultimate conclusion of the Final Rule,” she wrote in a message to campus sent Nov. 23.

What this means for CSU employees right now:

  • All salary increases that were approved to take place effective Dec. 1 did take place.
  • Any salary increase request currently in the approval process awaiting full approval will be on hold until the legal challenges to the Final Rule are resolved.
  • Impacted employees who received notice in October of a change to the exemption status of their position will remain exempt until further notice and are not required to complete timesheets nor eligible for overtime pay or compensatory time.
  • Human Resources will review the classifications that have been completed and determined to be nonexempt under the proposed Final Rule due to the salary threshold and will communicate with any impacted employee the appropriate exemption status if a change is required due to the injunction on the effective date of the Final Rule.

“The classification work undertaken by the Classification and Compensation unit in Human Resources will continue with a focus on the duties tests to ensure the University is ready when the challenges to the Final Rule are resolved,” Prieto wrote, adding that HR will communicate any further developments.