Finding the ‘home’ in Homecoming

Students at Homecoming

This year’s theme of homecoming, 100 Years of Homecoming, emphasizes a return of CSU’s alumni to their collegiate home. Amidst events aimed at reveling in the past achievements of scholars of CSU, the Associated Students of Colorado State University have partnered with other student groups on campus to celebrate the University’s current students and future leaders. While decades may divide our alumni and current student population, both groups share the unique sentiment of calling CSU home.

Though many students hail from around the world to study at Colorado State University, Fort Collins becomes a second home for students during their time at CSU. For ASCSU Vice-President Lance Li Puma, “Colorado State University is the place that I have been able to grow and develop into the individual I am today.”

Homecoming for current students serves not only as a celebration of CSU but also as a time to invite family and friends to the University that has made such an impact in their lives. “It is a time to not only share my accomplishments, but to share the accomplishments of my school. Homecoming is about coming back to the place where I have made a home and a life for myself,” says Li Puma.

For most students, Homecoming is the time when they will form some of the most salient memories of their collegiate experience; memories that they will talk about until they inevitably return to their home at CSU for future Homecoming celebrations.

Story written by William Maher.