‘Final Four’ make it to halfway mark

The first week in August marked a significant milestone for three of four major on-campus construction projects.

The Colorado State University Health and Medical Center held its “topping out” ceremony on Aug. 1, while the on-campus stadium placed its ceremonial beam on Aug. 2. Topping out signals that a construction project has reached the halfway point to completion.

Before the beams were hoisted onto the buildings, they were signed by campus dignitaries, students, members of the construction teams and donors to the projects, both of which are on schedule to be completed in about a year. See more from these events below.

A similar milestone ceremony is set for 11:30 a.m. Friday at the site of the Chemistry Research Building on Lake Street. The new Biology Building next door topped out in May. Both of these buildings will welcome students in the College of Natural Sciences in Fall 2017.

In addition to these “Final Four” projects, this week also saw the opening of the College Avenue parking garage, which added 650 spaces, and the completion of the redeveloped Aggie Village, where students will begin moving in on Aug. 8.