Faculty Feature: Daniel Krause

Within the Department of Management, Daniel Krause teaches Advanced Supply Management and Advanced Manufacturing and Service Operations Management. Previously, he taught in the MBA program and at doctoral levels, and before coming to Colorado State University, Krause taught at several other universities both in the United States and abroad.

Krause has a wide range of research interests. He chose to share more about his recent projects within the cannabis industry regarding supplier relationships; his service operations research around deviants; and his future research abroad regarding supply chains of non-industrialized countries and coffee.

Krause’s plans to research the relationship between firms and suppliers within the cannabis industry was recently¬†approved by the Institutional Review Board. He will start by visiting numerous retail stores then expand his scope to intermediate innovators, including growers primarily located in Colorado.

With recent legalization of marijuana in some states, this is still a new industry with many opportunities for research. Krause plans to analyze how the companies are navigating the uncertainty and risk that is so pervasive within the industry.

Soon to be on sabbatical to do research and increase his international experience, Krause plans to travel in the fall to ESADE Business School in Barcelona. There, Krause will work with various companies on sustainability, plus observe and research sustainability within the coffee supply chain. In the spring, Krause will travel to the University of Applied Sciences in Lima, Peru where he will look deeper into the farming supply chain; specifically around small poor farmers making a living growing products such as cocoa or coffee. This non-industrialized country provides an interesting supply chain process from farm to distributors often utilizing donkeys to transport their products.

Krause plans to examine how information gets back to the farmer regarding roasting, when to sell, and crop yield. His interest came from the volatile price of coffee, causing concern for these farmers who may be most impacted by the fluctuation in cost.  After his year abroad, he plans to bring his new-found experiences and increased global mindset back to the classroom in the Fall 2018.