Faculty Council receives updates on Courageous Strategic Transformation

Editor’s note: Amy Barkley, executive assistant to the CSU Faculty Council, wrote this article for SOURCE on key reports and discussion items at the September Faculty Council meeting. It is published here on behalf of the Faculty Council Executive Leadership. Details of the reports and presentations referenced below are available in the meeting minutes on the Faculty Council website once they are approved at the October meeting.

President Joyce McConnell and Vice President for Strategy Jenelle Beavers visited the first Faculty Council meeting of the 2021-22 academic year to provide updates on the Courageous Strategic Transformation process. President McConnell provided an overview of the presentation given to the Board of Governors at their June meeting. Both President McConnell and Vice President Beavers fielded questions about where we are in the process, how this will be integrated over different working groups, and clarification on the inspiration proposals. There were additional questions from Faculty Council members about how the Housing Task Force survey fit into the plan, as well as incorporating the work from the Committee for Gender Equity into the Courageous Strategic Transformation process. President McConnell encouraged members to visit the Courageous Strategic Transformation website, where more information on the drafting groups and timeline can be found.

Questions from Faculty Council members included how faculty can participate as the plan becomes more detailed and how the goal to become a Hispanic-Serving Institution fit into the Courageous Strategic Transformation process. Vice President Beavers explained that the goals will continually be posted through the website for faculty and staff to engage and provide feedback. President McConnell confirmed that the planning for Hispanic-Serving Institute status is part of Courageous Strategic Transformation, and the analysis of this began last semester.

Academic Consultant Linda Dalton visited Faculty Council

CSU is working with consultant Linda Dalton of Dalton Education Associates on the Academic Master Plan. Dalton visited Faculty Council to provide information on the process and timeline for coordinated strategic planning of AMP. Dalton has extensive experience working with institutions of higher education through strategic planning for enrollment, the academic enterprise, and campus physical master plans. She is a fellow of the American Institute of Certified Planners and has won several awards for her work and publications on master planning.

Dalton explained that an Advisory Committee with broad representation from across CSU has been established and will be focusing on academic programs during the fall and move to demographics and pedagogy in the spring. Dalton explained the timeline and that the goal is to integrate these efforts into Courageous Strategic Transformation as well as program reviews and accreditation. Part of the process will include an advisory committee, similar to the drafting groups for Courageous Strategic Transformation. More information is available on the AMP website.

Faculty Council approves language for contract and continuing faculty to serve on standing committees

The Committee on Non-Tenure Track Faculty submitted a proposal for a change in the Manual language around membership of the standing committees to include contract and continuing faculty among their ranks. The Committee on Faculty Governance finalized the proposal, bringing it to Faculty Council at their September meeting. The Manual revisions additionally re-categorized the Committee on Non-Tenure Track Faculty as a regular standing committee rather than a specialized committee as it is currently seen in the Manual. The proposed language was approved by Faculty Council members. The proposed revisions have been sent to the Office of General Counsel for review before being seen by the Board of Governors in December.

Retirement Plan Review Committee 

Joseph DiVerdi, chair of the Retirement Plan Review Committee, attended the Faculty Council meeting to provide an update from the committee. The Retirement Plan Review Committee is participating in a formal review of the retirement plan, as the landscape for retirement planning has changed since the plan was originally implemented in the 1990s. DiVerdi explained that the committee is working to lower administration fees, to improve educational resources and guidance, and to simplify the process while providing an adequate level of choice in investments. DiVerdi reported that the committee is planning on making a recommendation to the University administration this fall through the Human Resources office and the Vice President for University Operations office. DiVerdi encouraged members to visit the Human Resources website, where more information on the review process can be found.

Other Faculty Council highlights

  • Chair Sue Doe pointed members’ attention to the updated COVID dashboard for vaccination and exemption rates, as well as to the FAQs available on the COVID website.
  • Two faculty members were approved for representation on the University Policy Review Committee – Jon Clark and Carole Makela.
  • Provost Pedersen announced that Dean Mark Stetter will be leaving on October 1st to become the new Dean of the Veterinary Medical Program at UC-Davis. Dean John Hayes has also announced his retirement and will be leaving at the end of the academic year. Provost Pedersen confirmed that the process for those searches is getting underway. 

For the schedule of Faculty Council meetings, approved minutes and agendas, lists of members of the Council and its committees and other information, visit the Faculty Council website.