Faculty Council holds final meeting of 2020-21 academic year

Editor’s note: Amy Barkley, executive assistant to the CSU Faculty Council, wrote this recap of key reports and discussion items at the April Faculty Council meeting. It is published here on behalf of the Faculty Council Executive Leadership. Details of the reports and presentations will be available in the meeting minutes on the Faculty Council website once they are approved at the September meeting.

Administration Building

Diana Prieto, Colorado State University’s vice president for equity, equal opportunity and Title IX, provided Faculty Council an overview of the functions of the Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX as part of the council’s final meeting of 2020-21 on May 4.

Prieto discussed the reporting functions, what that office typically sees and how staff processes the information. She explained the processes for investigation, as well as protections against retaliation and the issue of confidentiality. Prieto stated that they work hard to ensure that immediate reporting of issues occurs to the correct offices to help them appropriately manage the situation and behavior.

Fall 2021 and Vice President search updates

President Joyce McConnell presented updates on the plans for Fall 2021. She reported that the Board of Governors had made the decision to require COVID-19 vaccinations for all students, faculty and staff. As a result, the Pandemic Preparedness Team has announced broad guidance for the fall.

President McConnell also announced that Sam Halabi and Kimberly Cox-York have joined the Office of the Vice President for Research. Halabi is the new Senior Associate Vice President for Health Policy and Ethics, and Cox-York is the new Research Integrity Officer.

Final interviews are being held in the searches for the Vice President for Diversity and the Associate Vice President for Engagement and Extension. Forums will be held so faculty can participate, and more information on those will provided soon.

Graduate Workers Organizing Cooperative

Stefanie Berganini, a Ph.D. student instructor from the Department of Anthropology and Geography, discussed the purpose of the Graduate Workers Organizing Cooperative and requested support from Faculty Council members for the current initiative around graduate worker stipends. Berganini showed data regarding the low graduate worker stipends at CSU and shared a report compiled by Dean Mary Stromberger and Associate Dean Colleen Webb from the Graduate School.

Questions from faculty members ranged from how the reduction in fees would be covered in the budget and how grants come into play in certain departments for increased stipends. Many members expressed interest in furthering this conversation and supporting this initiative and GWOC as it moves forward.

Intellectual Property Task Force

Paul Doherty presented the final report from the Intellectual Property Task Force, which had reconvened to continue efforts on intellectual property that had been identified in Fall 2020 by the initial task force convened by Chair Sue Doe. The report covered recommendations to changes in Section J, working on default contract language, and educational needs around intellectual property for the community. Linda Schutjer from the Office of General Counsel will be heading a committee to help revise Section J with the assistance of faculty representation.

TILT Teaching Effectiveness Institute

Gwen Gorzelsky and Tonya Buchan provided an overview of the Teaching Effectiveness Initiative from TILT. Buchan explained that this initiative is built on the framework rolled out in 2019, which includes the seven domains of research-based effective teaching practices that they encourage faculty to use when they attend faculty development workshops with TILT.

Questions from Faculty Council members included how they defined teaching effectiveness and how success would be measured with this program. Gorzelsky explained the difference between what TILT is doing with this initiative versus annual review or tenure or promotion review. Gorzelsky also explained that success will be measured through self-reflection. In response to a question, she additionally discussed resources available to faculty for taking into account systematic bias in the course surveys. More discussion will be occurring in the fall around this issue with the Committee on Teaching and Learning.

Provost’s report, accolades and thanks

Provost Mary Pedersen gave Faculty Council members enrollment updates for Fall 2021, as well as progress updates for the Continuing, Contract and Adjunct Faculty Task Force. A forum for the task force was held on May 5 to answer questions and provide updates on the work being done.

In addition to these updates, Provost Pedersen provided some faculty accolades:

• University Distinguished Professor Camille Dungy had a poem, “Let Me,” published in The New Yorker
• Recognition for retiring University Distinguished Professors:

• Kate Browne, Anthropology and Geography
• Don Estep, Statistics
• Bernie Rollin, Philosophy, Biomedical Sciences, Animal Sciences
• Wayne McIlwraith, Clinical Sciences

• Two new National Academy of Science members:

• Jan Leach, Agricultural Biology
• Robin Reid, Ecosystem Science and Sustainability

Provost Pedersen additionally thanked all faculty members for their incredible work this past year.

Other Faculty Council highlights

Erika Osborne, an associate professor in the Department of Art and Art History, started off the meeting and presented some of her environmental art. More information can be found on her website.

A new Center for Ethics and Human Rights, led by director Lumina Albert, was approved by Faculty Council.

Faculty Council also approved Section C and Preface Manual changes strengthening commitment to shared governance, as well as extending membership on Executive Committee to contract and continuing faculty. The changes are being reviewed by General Counsel before going to the Board of Governors for final approval.

Vice President of Information Technology Brandon Bernier, Dave Hoffman and Steve Lovaas provided an update on Duo authentication for Microsoft Office 365 products, including email. More information and FAQs can be found at duo.colostate.edu.

For the schedule of Faculty Council meetings, approved minutes and agendas, lists of members of the Council and its committees and other information, visit the Faculty Council website .