Faculty Council expresses support for graduate students

Editor’s Note: Amy Barkley, executive assistant to the CSU Faculty Council, wrote this article for SOURCE on key reports and discussion items at the November and December Faculty Council meetings. It is published here on behalf of the Faculty Council Executive Leadership. Details of the reports and presentations referenced below are available in the meeting minutes on the Faculty Council website once they are approved. This article highlights actions and activities for the November and December Faculty Council meetings.  

Faculty Council expresses support for graduate students through a resolution

Members of the Executive Committee presented a Resolution Regarding Graduate Student Compensation and Fees at the November Faculty Council meeting. The resolution supported improving compensation for CSU graduate students. Several graduate students were present and shared their experiences with regard to compensation and the work of a graduate student. Representatives of the Graduate Workers Organizing Cooperative (GWOC) were also present to provide more information around this initiative.

Faculty Council members expressed their support of this initiative and voted unanimously to approve the resolution and was presented at the Board of Governors meeting in December. The resolution can also be found on the Faculty Council website.

Faculty Council members approve manual language creating a new standing committee

At their December meeting, members approved proposed revisions to the Academic Faculty and Administrative Professional Manual that would create a new Standing Committee on Information Technology. Chair of the Committee on Faculty Governance, Steve Reising, explained the process for creating this new committee. Vice President for Information Technology Brandon Bernier was present to answer questions and explained that this proposal was shared with stakeholders across campus, as well as the Information Technology Advisory Council. The language is being reviewed by the Office of General Counsel before going forward to the Board of Governors.

Members engaged in debate around Section E.15 Manual changes

Faculty Council members heard from the Committee on Responsibilities and Standing of Academic Faculty regarding proposed revisions for Section E.15, titled “Disciplinary Action for Tenured Faculty,” in the Academic Faculty and Administrative Professional Manual. November’s Faculty Council meeting involved discussion around the reasons for the changes and concerns over a change regarding the committees involved in the process. Members voted not to approve the changes following the discussion.

The Committee on Responsibilities and Standing of Academic Faculty took the concerns of members under consideration and revised the proposed changes, bringing them back in December for further discussion. Several amendments were proposed regarding these changes, one of which was approved. The approved amendment ensured that a transcription of a hearing would be provided upon request to the faculty member involved in the process. Faculty Council members voted to approve the Manual revisions. It is currently being reviewed by the Office of General Counsel before going to the Board of Governors.

Members vote on recommendation regarding late withdrawal policy

Karen Barrett, chair of the Faculty Council Committee on Scholastic Standards, presented a proposal at the November Faculty Council meeting regarding a change in the late withdrawal policy to garner feedback from Faculty Council members. Their proposal is to permanently move the late withdrawal date to three-quarters through the semester. Barrett presented data that suggested that a later withdrawal date for individual courses improved student persistence and success and led to fewer overall University withdrawals. Discussion included if there was a limit to the number of withdrawals allowed to students, as well as whether this proposal was intended for a permanent change. The Committee on Scholastic Standards brought this back for a formal vote at the December Faculty Council meeting, and members voted to approve this change.

Faculty Council votes to approve extension for AUCC 3E to 1C curricular change completion 

Faculty Council members were presented with a motion from the Executive Committee to extend the deadline for completion of the AUCC 1C curricular change. Chair Sue Doe provided background on the AUCC 3E to 1C curriculum transition, which was originally approved by the Faculty Council in May of 2020. Chair Doe additionally reported that a task force is being formed to help efforts around this curricular change. Faculty Council members approved the extension of the completion deadline at their November meeting. The extension would move the completion date from the current deadline of Fall 2022 to Fall 2024/Spring 2025.

Provost Mary Pedersen reports on Academic Master Plan and reaccreditation efforts

 Provost and Executive Vice President Mary Pedersen provided several updates for Faculty Council. She reported that the Academic Master Plan is continuing to move forward, with high-level summary briefs were due from the Deans, Vice Presidents, Vice Provosts, and supervisors around their draft templates by Nov. 19. A forum will be held on Feb. 11 to provide updates on the progress.

Provost Pedersen stated that reaccreditation efforts are beginning. A University Steering Committee will be formed to assist with this effort, and she additional reported that a leadership fellow opportunity is open in the Provost’s Office to also help support the reaccreditation process. She reported at the December meeting that the Higher Learning Commission came back with site dates and will be on campus as part of the reaccreditation process on Sept. 18 and 19, 2023.

Other Faculty Council highlights

  • President Joyce McConnell reported at the November meeting that representatives from the Classified Personnel Council and the Administrative Professional Council have been now included as part of the Executive Leadership Team amidst changing structures for leadership team meetings and better inclusivity in shared governance.
  • President McConnell reported that the Office of the Vice President for Research announced a $2 million endeavor at the August Board of Governors meeting around research grants, graduate fellowships, and bio cybersecurity. The endeavor will be funded by the Anschutz Foundation.
  • Odell Brewing is doing a limited release beer to help support the Mountain Campus.
  • A joint master’s degree in addiction counseling in psychology and social work was approved at the December meeting and is waiting on approval by the Board of Governors at their February meeting.

For the schedule of Faculty Council meetings, approved minutes and agendas, lists of members of the Council and its committees and other information, visit the Faculty Council website.