Ergonomic tips for working from home

Good vs. bad computer setup

As Colorado State University employees who are able to prepare to work remotely, many of us likely do not have the same workstation setup at home that is available in our typical offices. A computer workstation at home may surround a laptop computer on a couch, bed, or kitchen table. As comfortable as some options may sound, using an improper workstation setup for an extended duration can cause awkward posture which can increase the risk for ergonomic related injuries (or musculoskeletal disorders such as tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome). It is important to set up your workstation as best you can to prevent injury regardless of where you might work.

Sure, you can invest in a height-adjustable table or keyboard tray, ergonomic chair, and more, but you can also make simple changes to your workstation using things you already have in your home. Some simple tips for setup include:

More tips

The CSU ergonomics website has a great deal of information regarding computer workstation setup, laptop ergonomic setup, online training and more.

Along with this, take a look at this great article by Humantech for additional tips and resources on working from home:

Use a good chair (if possible). If you don’t have a good chair, add pillows for back/leg support.
Raise your chair (most kitchen tables and desks are too high). Use a pillow as a seat cushion if needed.
Support your feet on a phone book, step stool, etc., if they don’t firmly touch the ground while sitting.
Raise your monitor using books, old shoe boxes, etc. (or in my case, my daughter’s box of applesauce).
Use an external keyboard and mouse. It is essential that the monitor is separated from the keyboard/mouse. The top of the monitor should be at or slightly below eye level, shoulders relaxed with the elbows around 90 degrees.

Free ergonomic evaluations

Remote ergonomic evaluations can be also conducted with a Risk Management Ergonomics Specialist if needed. Contact our office for additional details:,
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