Ergonomic evaluations prevent work-related injury

Story by Frank Gonzales

Ergonomics is the study of work, and ideally involves fitting the job tasks, tools, equipment, workstations and environment to meet the capabilities of workers. Ultimately, fit the job to the person, not the person to the job. Over time, exposure to injury risk factors such as force, posture, duration and frequency can have a serious effect on the body. When the task requirements exceed an employee’s capabilities, we have a problem. Much like a car engine, when we exceed acceptable limits, we start to see a breakdown. In humans, we see injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, etc.

The goal should be prevention. Identification of problems before they start. Don’t wait for pain and discomfort before identifying potential causes of injury. This can be done through an ergonomic evaluation of job tasks which is offered free of charge to CSU employees. By making changes to the tasks, tools, equipment, or workstations we use on a daily basis, we can reduce or eliminate exposure to ergonomic hazards and the likelihood of pain, discomfort and injury can be minimized.

To schedule an ergonomic evaluation

Simply complete the ergonomic evaluation request on the Ergonomics website.

Evaluations can be performed on all types of work, whether in the office, laboratory, animal handling, food service, custodial services, etc.

Please contact the Ergonomics Program office at (970) 491-2724 with additional questions.

For more information on the Ergonomics Program please visit our website.