A squirrelly EAB award for Environmental Health Services, Carpentry Shop

The Employee Appreciation Board is honoring Environmental Health Services and the Carpentry Shop for excellent service and a positive attitude while going above and beyond the call of duty.

“I had a squirrel in my ceiling for about a week, and Chris Giglio came by when he wasn’t active and gave me his personal phone number to call when I heard it and he would come over,” Lynn Borngrebe said in her nomination.

Environmental Health Services/Carpentry Shop
Pictured from left to right: Dave Seley, Dave Metcalf, Steve Carmer, Bob Hewett, Luke Davey, Andy Borchert, Dominic Leffler, Chris Jackson, Chris Giglio, Elden Pemberton and Lynn Borngrebe

“The squirrel went quiet and I thought maybe he got out,” she continued. “But on Monday morning when I came into my office, it smelled a bit musty, and I thought maybe I needed to take out my trash. Then Tuesday, the smell was worse, and I couldn’t figure it out, and all of a sudden I thought, ‘What if my little squirrel friend died?’ So I called Chris, and he came right over, and before he could even come fully into my office, he knew the squirrel had passed.

“The next day he and Chris Jackson and Bob Hewitt came over and poked holes to insert their camera to find the squirrel,” Borngrebe wrote. “They unfortunately found him down in the side wall. They came over and did this (extremely unappetizing during the president’s picnic!).

“I want to thank and recognize them for doing the worst jobs that someone has to do,” she concluded. “I can only imagine what other disgusting things they do. Thank you!”

The two units enjoyed swag giveaways as well as sandwiches and salad from Spoons, provided by the CSU Employee Appreciation Board.

Those who know of a unit that is going above and beyond and would like to nominate them to be recognized can contact EAB (csueab.colostate.edu). The board also conducts monthly meetings where they have drawings for prizes. Entry forms will be sent to employees’ mailboxes.