Employee resources to help adults talk to kids about violent events

In the wake of recent national events involving violence and loss of life, the Division of Human Resources at Colorado State University is sharing resources available to employees to help them talk to children about violent events.

ComPsych has created a 7-minute on-demand training to help adults have conversations with children about recent mass shootings. Events with high levels of national attention can affect children’s belief about the world and their personal safety. These honest conversations can be difficult but are much needed and can help to reduce fear and anxiety and increase resilience.

This training highlights best practices for parents and other caregivers.

The on-demand training can be found at ComPsych’s Talking To Kids About Violent Events With Widespread Media Coverage.

It is recognized that acts of violence more deeply impact people who have been victims of gun violence or other instances of trauma. If you need additional support, please reach out to Jan Pierce, the Employee Assistance Coordinator for support.