Employee Appreciation Board recognizes Cashier’s Office

Cashier's office staff

The Cashier’s Office in Business and Financial Services was honored this month by CSU’s Employee Appreciation Board for its excellent customer service and going above and beyond.

The Cashier’s Office is responsible for the deposits of checks and funds to the University, and it serves the whole CSU community. Often they just receive an electronic payment with a company name and the amount, without any other information, so they have to investigate where the payment needs to go. Instead of just sending an email to a listserv to find where it goes, they research the company to see what kind of business they are in, and then contact the individuals who it could possibly relate to. They are always going the extra mile in their jobs, which is greatly appreciated.

Another example of the team going above and beyond is when a department had a donor accidentally send funds to CSU instead of the Foundation. Instead of rejecting the wire, which would have resulted in more work for the donor, they were able to have the wire moved to the Foundation. This helped to maintain positive donor relations and saved the donor from having extra work. The Cashier’s Office was happy to help, even though it meant more work for them.

In appreciation of a job well done, the Cashier’s Office staff received CSU swag and a pizza lunch celebration from the EAB.

The EAB recognizes CSU employee groups for a job well done, from going above and beyond to being exceptional at their jobs, and anyone can nominate a campus unit at https://csueab.colostate.edu/nominate-a-unit/.