Email scams targeting CSU community

Colorado State University has received new reports of email scams targeting incoming students, returning students and employees — similar to the one CSUPD warned the community about in August.

These scams are attempts to get individuals to respond to a job offer. The emails are not from members of the university community, but appear to be because the “from” email address is “”

Scammers are exceptionally creative and sophisticated, and scams are perpetuated through phone calls, texts, emails, social media and sometimes in person. Scammers go to great lengths to appear credible, even creating authentic-looking websites or social media accounts.

Sometimes, scammers look at social media accounts or other personal information available online to gather details about you that make them appear credible. On occasion, they will hack into confidential online systems, such as databases with personal information, and use that to appear to be authentic.

It can be difficult to sort truth from fiction. However, there are a few common threads that can indicate a scam. For more information about common scams, the three hallmarks of a scam, and how to report scams, see CSUPD’s August message to the university community at