Election message for students from Vice President Hughes

Editor’s note: The following message was sent to all Colorado State University students on Monday, Nov. 2, by Vice President for Student Affairs Blanche Hughes.

Hi Rams,

Tomorrow is election day ​and for the first time, 18- to 35-year-olds are the largest voting bloc in the country. If you are able and have not done so already, please vote. Your voice matters. Visit the Larimer County Clerk website for information on how and where to vote if you need more information. If you are not able to vote, please visit CivicEngagement.colostate.edu to learn more about opportunities for civic engagement.

I want to acknowledge the uncertainty this election brings as our nation is very divided and we don’t know when the election will be called and whether we need to prepare for potentially days, weeks, or months of ambiguity waiting for final results. What we do know is that no matter what the outcome is, our values of access and equity, our Principles of Community, and the support and resources we provide for students will not change. We will continue to center the identities and lived experiences of the students in the CSU community. Our employees are committed to advocating for students, recognizing the strength each student has, celebrating the cultural wealth of our communities, and continuing the critical work of making CSU an anti-racist institution.

Blanche Hughes
Blanche Hughes, Vice President for Student Affairs

We are all amid a challenging time in our country, fueled by a global pandemic, ongoing racial inequality and civil unrest, and climate catastrophes. During this time of uncertainty, we must lean into our mission and values, and reaffirm our commitment to you, our students. I want to highlight several support resources and opportunities to help ​prepare for and process the election:

 • Post-election events, programs, and resources will be posted on the KeepEngaging.colostate.edu website.

• 2020 Election in Review (sponsored by the Department of Political Science) – Debrief Panel on November 9 from 7:00-8:00p.m.

• Post-Election, COVID, and Fall Break Strategies to Stay Connected (sponsored by CSU Health Network) – Zoom Session on November 10 from 5:30-6:30p.m.

• You@CSU election processing resources

• CSU Health Network Mental Health Support Resources – including Counseling Services and Multicultural Counseling Services

If you are concerned about a student or employee’s well-being, safety, or threat of violence, Tell Someone. If you experience or witness an act of bias, please submit a Bias Report. If you are concerned about a person(s) not following public health precautions during the election or any time on university grounds, please submit a COVID public health behavior form.

Remember, we are all Rams, and by voting and/or participating in civic engagement, we have the power to shape our future. ​I voted early this year and invite you all take part in this election.

Take Care,

Blanche Hughes, VP for Student Affairs