Einstein’s Light, the documentary

The Einstein’s Light documentary, meant to be accompanied by live violin music, examines the inspiration that Einstein gained from music. “The theory of relativity occurred to me by intuition,” Einstein said, “and music is the driving force behind this intuition.”

Film maker Nickolas Barris calls Einstein’s work the greatest example of the symbiotic relationship between music and science. “This was the dynamic that enabled Einstein to achieve his greatest scientific discoveries,” Barris said.

On Monday, February 16, the Education and Outreach Center in the College of Natural Sciences are hosting the film, Einstein’s Light, which brings together music, film, lecture, and hands-on science.

This event will showcase excerpts from a new film recently premiered at the United Nations International Year of Light Opening Ceremonies in Paris. The film will be accompanied by live music. It is our good fortune to collaborate with Off the Hook to bring the director of the film and composer of the score to the EOC to reinvigorate our drive to inspire the next generation.

Monday, February 16
Natural and Environmental Sciences Building
Performance 4:15-5:45 p.m.
Reception 5:45-7 p.m.
Hands-on activities with the new Get Critical Light Kit 6-6:45 p.m.

Setting is limited. The first 50 reservations will gain admission for free. After that, tickets cost $25.

Einstein as a model of innovation, imagination

Einstein’s Light is a documentary film created by award-winning international filmmaker, Nickolas Barris. It explores how scientific imagination and innovation advance knowledge frontiers with Albert Einstein as a model.

The film’s structure examines Einstein’s discoveries as well as where imagination and innovation are occurring in the present time highlighting modern organizations on the front edge of discovery.

It illuminates Einstein’s quest to realize his General Theory of Relativity from his miracle year of 1905 to its finalization amidst the horrors of World War I as he used the properties of light to guide his creative path.