In memory: Dr. Theodore Klock Chamberlain

Dr. Theodore Klock Chamberlain, a retired oceanography and geology professor from the Warner College for Natural Resources, passed away Sept. 24 after a long illness.

Dr. Chamberlain, a renowned oceanographer and a geologist, spent years at the oceanic research around the world and the Chesapeake Bay at Johns Hopkins University. He has led the department of Geology at Colorado State University and spent the rest of his career of 38 years at the university teaching two of the largest undergraduate courses on campus.

Dr. Chamberlain loved teaching. He passionately encouraged and inspired thousands of students into higher education, exploration and spreading knowledge. Dr. Chamberlain was a scholar, a poet and a philosopher; he left a wealth of publications and writings.

With Dr. Chamberlain’s passing away the light that has enlightened the paths of thousands of students has dimmed, but Dr. Chamberlain’s students will hold his torch to light other people’s paths.

Dr. Chamberlain’s students and family are establishing the Theodore Chamberlain Global Resource Stewardship Scholarship  and an annual lecture on his favorite topic- conservation of earth’s oceanographic resources – in his name.

Tributes to Dr. Chamberlain may be paid by sending contributions to the Theodore Chamberlain Global Resource Stewardship Scholarship or Conservation of Earth’s Oceanographic Resources Lecture in care of the CSU Foundation, P.O. Box 1870, Fort Collins, CO 80522-18702.

Dr. Chamberlain is survived by a loving family of his wife Farida, his daughters Diana and Heather, and his sons Bruce, Makoto, Satoru, Thor, Alfie and Willie.