Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Module launching for all students

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Colorado State University students have the opportunity to complete a new module on RamWeb that focuses on diversity, inclusion and belonging.

The optional Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Module was introduced to incoming students at the We Are CSU program at Ram Welcome the week of Aug. 16. Returning students will be invited to take the module beginning Aug. 30. The module takes approximately 40 minutes to complete and guides students through short videos, what-would-you-do scenarios, and reflections.

“We have been piloting this tool with student employees for the past two years,” said Kathy Sisneros, assistant vice president for Student Affairs. “Having it available and accessible to all students and to have the content and concepts cross-pollinating in student courses will really reinforce the Principles of Community at CSU and continue to reinforce that we all have a role to play in creating an inclusive university and building community, where all of our students feel welcomed and affirmed for who they are, embracing and celebrating our differences.”

Sisneros added that bringing the module online is a reflection of institutional commitment and many campus partners across the university contributed.

The module was developed by EverFi, the same company that developed the Alcohol.Edu, Sexual Assault Prevention, and Financial Literacy modules that students at CSU have taken for several years. EverFi reports that 200 universities and colleges are using the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging module.

CSU Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Module highlights

Explore your own identities

Learn about key concepts related to inclusion, belonging, bias, power, privilege and oppression

Understand the benefits of being part of a diverse community

Develop skills related to allyship, bystander intervention, self and community care, and creating inclusive spaces

Associated Students of Colorado State University Chief of Staff Carter Reiter was one of the students who took the module in the pilot phase. Reiter said the module provides clear and relevant training to students across the university.

“I found that it is applicable in any job scenario, living situation, or personal relationship you can think of,” Reiter said. “The module allows CSU students to lay a foundation for an understanding of diversity from which they can continue to build on for the rest of their time at CSU, and into the real world. Diversity training at this level is a vital first step into creating a more inclusive and equitable community.”

Resources, like a toolkit and workshops, are available for faculty and staff who are interested in integrating the module into coursework and engaging student groups they advise with follow-up discussions to deepen student learning of content in intentional spaces.

“The introduction of the module will be supportive to our students, faculty and staff as we continue to develop an inclusive environment in our spaces at CSU,” said Kelly Long, vice provost for Undergraduate Affairs. “It provides a foundation of shared background knowledge and terminology that will be useful to all who engage.”

Learn more

For more information about this initiative, visit racebiasandequityinitiative.colostate.edu/diversitymodule or email diversitymodule@colostate.edu.